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All-in-One Cloud-Based Work Environment

WorkSpace is a fully-managed, cloud-based, virtual desktop environment that makes your workflow easier — no matter where you are or what device you’re using.

Totally managed, SkinnyOffice WorkSpace offers an all-in-one package that’s totally secure and lowers your IT costs.

Keep Teams Connected

SkinnyOffice helps you on-board new hires quickly, train them faster, and integrate them into your team seamlessly so that they can be productive on day one – wherever they are.

Using the SkinnyOffice Windows-based WorkSpace dashboard, task management keeps people focused and teams can collaborate real-time by accessing documents through our secure file management and sharing system. We include Office 365, email, and workflow process automation, all housed within custom work hubs you create to fit your needs.

Managing your team’s output is easier than ever using the SkinnyOffice WorkSpace Cloud.

Protect Your Data with Better Security

Small and medium-sized businesses are tempting targets for hackers and cybercriminals. Just one attack can easily be extremely costly or even fatal to your business.

Through our mirrored data centers, WorkSpace can protect you from any potential attack. WorkSpace provides secure file management and sharing, advanced device protection, password management, network security, and secure remote access.

Our end-user support, data backups, security monitoring, user provisioning and changes will give you the best cybersecurity out there. 

Save Time & Money

WorkSpace is purpose-built for small and medium sized businesses with travel, multi-location, remote and hybrid work environments who are seeking a flexible, outsourced, easy-to-use virtual desktop environment.

Deploying and scaling is a snap, and, with SkinnyOffice WorkSpace, you can mitigate business disruptions, feel safer with our superior data security, and save money by cutting up to 28% of your monthly IT costs!

Why SkinnyOffice

A SkinnyOffice WorkSpace will improve your company’s productivity, employee onboarding, security, and the reliability and resiliency of your IT operations while saving you money.

With SkinnyOffice WorkSpace, you’ll never have to worry about tech issues again. Whether your IT department needs help, or you don’t have one at all, we’ll keep things running smoothly.

Work From Anywhere | Totally Managed | Better Security | Control Your IT Spend


Network as a Service. Our all-in-one managed network and security support includes coverage for wired and wireless network hardware, network security and managed support services. Gain peace of mind without a large upfront technology investment.


Voice over IP. Access VOIP from premise and mobile devices. Advanced communication capabilities include web and video conferencing and instant messaging to keep your team connected, wherever they are.

Device Management

Endpoint Computing Device Support. Extend support to devices used to access your
WorkSpace, ensuring there are no gaps in security. Support covers hardware and operating system issues that may prevent connecting to your WorkSpace.

Use Case Spotlight

See how SkinnyOffice WorkSpace helps teams be more productive:

Ohio Collision Group Updates Legacy Network Infrastructure & IT Systems
Ohio Collision Group Updates Legacy Network Infrastructure & IT Systems
Financial Services Company Rapidly Deploys Remote Work Infrastructure
Financial Services Company Rapidly Deploys Remote Work Infrastructure
Strengthen Use Case
Strengthen Use Case
Resiliency Use Case
Resiliency Use Case
Resilience Use Story
Resilience Use Story
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Digital Work Environment.
The gateway to your workday. From anywhere. On any device.


Network as a Service.
Our all-in-one managed network, security, and support solution.


Voice over IP.
Access on-premise or off-site & mobile. Stay connected anywhere.

Device Management

Endpoint Support.
Extend support to devices used to access your WorkSpace.

Premise IT Solutions

On-Site IT Network
We'll set up and manage your office's IT network, so you can focus what's important. 

Remote Work

Working Together, Separately 
If you’re facing new challenges due to remote work, SkinnyOffice has the solutions for you.

Hybrid Work

Flexibility Anywhere
You can work anywhere, and so can SkinnyOffice. We'll be as flexible as you need.


Endless IT
Technology doesn't know borders, and neither do we. Simplify IT no matter where you go.


Help Now. WorkSpace subscriptions include unlimited user support.


Start Fast. Let us handle getting new employees’ setup in IT systems.


Protection Everywhere. End to End professionally managed Cyber security.


Total Management. Health and Security monitoring for your entire device fleet.


Complete Logistics. We handle order placement, provisioning, and direct delivery.