Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud Infrastructure combines the scalability and utility of the cloud with the stability, privacy, security, and control of on-premises infrastructure to deliver high-performance, high availability and cost-effective infrastructure as a services (IaaS), including cloud servers, storage and networking hardware.


What is Cloud Infrastructure?

Cloud Infrastructure is a Infrastructure as a Services (IaaS) platform of servers, storage and networking hardware that is hosted on the SkinnyOffice Cloud. Our allows small and medium business to enjoy the many benefits of enterprise infrastructure such as monitoring, log access, security, load balancing and clustering, as well as storage resiliency, such as backup, replication and recovery without the large upfront costs associated witch such deployments. Skinny Office Cloud Infrastructure can help your organization lower costs, improve security, and achieve your compliance goals without the IT expenditure of doing it by yourself.

How Virtual Desktop Benefits

Your Employees

Provides a high-quality experience transparent to the end-user.

Your IT Staff

Is scalable, simple to deploy, highly secure, and fully supported.

Your Organization

Improves agility, productivity, and lowers your total cost of ownership.

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SkinnyOffice offers predictable monthly cost.

IaaS from SkinnyOffice eliminates the upfront capital costs associated with on-premises infrastructure while avoiding the usage-based, generally on an hourly, billing of other cloud providers.


Why use Cloud Infrastructure?



No more ambiguous pay-per-use or overage based billing. SkinnyOffice gives you one low, predictable, monthly cost for each of our cloud services.



With SkinnyOffice Cloud Infrastructure resources can be added to a desktop with a simple mouse click or call.


Reduce the total cost of ownership, ease of deployment, and meet new requirements by adding resources to the “virtual” PC rather than investing capital on upgrading or replacing equipment.


Services from SkinnyOffice are delivered from secure datacenters with multiple Tier1 service providers ensuring that services are available regardless of customer location.


Blue-chip infrastructure including EMC, Dell, Cisco and more provide the throughput, processing speed and disk performance for your heaviest workloads.



The SkinntOffice Managed Security Program team is available to help you with all of your security and compliance needs.


Includes deployment of VMware’s SDN/NSX feature on all our computing clusters. This helps in managing the entire network stack on large and small scale with the help of load balancing, firewalling and routing.


Our support staff is available to immediately rectify any problems, saving IT time and putting employees back to work quickly. Optionally use SkinyOffice Managed IT services to augment your IT team.

  • IT Strategy services available to plan your cloud deployment.
  • Cloud servers, storage and networking hardware.
  • Storage resiliency, backup, replication, and recovery.
  • Load balancing and clustering included.

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