Encrypted Cloud Backup

End To End Encryption & Automatic Backups

End to end encrypted and automatic backups of desktop and servers files to protect your vital company data for compliance efforts, catastrophe or simply accidental user deletion.

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Encrypted Cloud Backup Features
  • Backup Servers Desktops And Laptops
  • Disaster Recovery Protection
  • Strong Encryption (AES 256 Blowfish 448)
  • Unlimited File Versions
  • Protect Microsoft Exchange And Active Directory
  • Automatic Silent Backups
  • Hybrid Storage (Backup To Premise Storage And Cloud)
  • Supports VMware And Hyper-V Backups
Encrypted Cloud Backup Benefits
Application Aware

The SkinnyOffice Encrypted Cloud Backup Platform allows automatic backups to be safely made against Enterprise applications including Microsoft Exchange Server, SQL Server Databases, Open Files, and Active Directory data sources. Virtual Machine (VM) backups are also fully supported for systems running VMware and Hyper-V.

Disaster Recovery Restores

Machines that have completely crashed or have otherwise been destroyed can be easily restored; using your personal and confidential encryption key to decrypt your data from SkinnyOffice Encrypted Cloud Backup including Exchange, Active Directory, and Database Servers to the state they were in at their last backup

Strongest Encryption

SkinnyOffice Encrypted Cloud Backup supports using either Blowfish or AES encryption. Blowfish uses a key length up to a 448 bits. AES is the US Federal Standard for military and diplomatic data. Skinny Backup supports three levels of AES from 128 bits to 256 bits.

Your Encryption Key will look like this ( i.e. CwaUzoXF9HcoFuA2EDnXrBW3RG5CjSW0) and it is used locally to compress and encrypt your data before sending it up to the SkinnyOffice Encrypted Cloud Backup Server. We even strip off the file names for HIPAA compliance. (i.e. John Doe 555-12-1234 Medical Claim.pdf — is encrypted masked stored as–> 201×20994.2345.BU)

To be very clear your Encryption Key is yours its never transmitted or stored up to the SkinnyOffice Encrypted Cloud Backup Server. This ensures your data is encrypted and masked locally before it is archived up to our secure cloud. This ensures that your data is not accessible to anyone without your Encryption Key including us. Furthermore we do not want and will never ask you for your Key.

Sorry but NO we (and likely anyone else without a quantum computer and a few decades) can not decrypt your data. No not even if you lose your key and offer to pay or even bake us cookies.

Hybrid Backup

SkinnyOffice Encrypted Cloud Backup can be used as a Hybrid Solution allow backups to made to both local storage and our Secure Cloud Storage to balance between speed of restore and the security of offsite data protection.

Lifetime Support For Clients

Customers with Skinny Office management plans on their Hardware and Security or active accounts on Web and Application solutions receive ongoing access to support services.

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