Exchange Based Email

Business Class Mail & Enterprise Level Security

Email, shared calendars and distribution lists with robust anti-spam and anti-malware capabilities to get your business moving.

Email Features
  • Access From Outlook Web or Mobile
  • Create Distribution Lists
  • Send Encrypted Messages
  • Share Calendars
  • Virus Protection
  • Message Rules
  • Inbound And Outbound Spam Protection
  • Remote Wipe For Lost Stolen Mobile Devices
Email Benefits
Business Class Email

Free personal email is bad for business, emails don’t reflect your domain name and often force branding for other businesses into the message. Provide your employees with their own, branded email addresses. SkinnyOffice Business Class Email gives your company a way to communicate with customers and collaborate with each other to share files, calendars, contacts, tasks and notes in a professional way that strengthens your brand, technology and security.

Enterprise Level Security

All SkinnyOffice Email accounts come with robust mail security features to help protect your mailboxes SPAM and your computers from Viruses. SPAM filtering databases are able to be tuned by each individual user to control what messages they are receiving.

In addition to Inbound protections; Outbound messages can be optionally encrypted by the end user to protected messages with sensitive content from prying eyes. Outgoing messages are filtered for SPAM to help defend your companies reputation in the event one of your computers is infected with malware that attempts to send SPAM messages.

Rich Collaboration Capabilties

Share and sync your organization’s calendars.

Share and sync personal and organization contacts.

Deploy resource mailboxes to schedule meeting rooms and equipment.

Create task lists for yourself to or assign to others.

Effortless Access And Operation

Access your email from Microsoft Outlook on your desktop, mobile phones, or online via our web-based Outlook interface.

It’s a easy for any you or employee you’ve authorized to manage your own accounts as you need to add employees, setup distribution lists, or calendars all without needing an I.T. resource.

Lifetime Support For Clients

Customers with Skinny Office management plans on their Hardware and Security or active accounts on Web and Application solutions receive ongoing access to support services.

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