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Voice Over Internet Protocol Telephony

SkinnyOffice Voice Solutions include phones, hardware, call control, local and long distance service, and all the training and support you need to to have a world class phone system regardless of where in the world your users access it from.

Phone Hardware

All SkinnyOffice phone plans include local and long distance calling for ease of use and to help you control costs.

Voice Features
Take Your Phone With You

Anywhere you have broadband internet connection could be your new desk! Café, hotel room, or a friend’s house, and no matter where you are your dial by name and extension directory will be right there in front of you. Save your cell phone minutes for when you actually need them.

Unified Inbox

All your communication tools are now at your fingertips wherever you need them with Voicemail, Fax, and Email Message all delivered to your Email Account. Not only can they be delivered but they can be automatically archived or forwarded them to others. You can have emails “read” right to your voicemail, so keep your eyes on the road!

Customizable Numbers And Routing Options

You can utilize 1-800 numbers or the area code of any other city you would like to have a local presence in. You can even port your existing numbers to make the transition seamless. Set up your system to ring different departments together or in sequence, and have the auto attendant feature take over after hours, or have calls forwarded to a cell phone.

Save Money

Not only will you save money on long distance and international calling but the hours saved by being ultra-productive can be priceless! In a recent survey conducted by Sage Research, the increased productivity enabled by internet telephony added up to 3.9 hours per week, per employee!

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