SkinnyOffice Device Management

SmartDevice subscriptions extend WorkSpace support and security capabilities to all your client devices; making sure your business information stays protected and devices stay ready


What is Device Mangement?

SkinnyOffice Device Management subscriptions ensure that client devices aren’t creating gaps in your security or killing performance because of Operating System or Hardware failures. A Device Management subscription prevents these issues by making sure your devices don’t have missing or insufficient client security software, Operating System updates, or persistent hardware issues. While at the same time providing your users unlimited access to support services to let them get the help they need if something isn’t working on their computing devices.


Why Device Management?

To adapt to new work challenges such as increasing Cyber Security attacks, Cloud Services Adoption, and Hybrid Work creating demands to be able to provide effective IT support to users across a multitude of locations Small and Medium Businesses need Technology Security and Services Solutions that are delivered fully turnkey; with all hardware, management, and monitoring included in one easy to manage subscription so that devices run reliably without issues that prevent users from accessing Cloud services and Productivity Applications.


What is Included?

Comprehensive Layered Security
Your computers are secured with a comprehensive set of technologies including machine learning, anti-exploit, application and content control, and process inspector.
Advanced Client Firewall
High performance Firewall to protect your computer from unwanted traffic from the Internet.
Intrusion Prevention System
Security detection and prevention capability to help keep your system secure against threats by examining events as they occur and preventing.
Ad Blocker
Included ad blocker will remove many online ads and reduce the opportunity for malvertising attacks; where attackers use malicious ads to spread dangerous malware and ransonware.
Security Health Monitoring
Ongoing Device Management insures protected devices have Antimalware software running, and receiving security patches and that Operating Systems and Hardware remain in good working order.
Managed Antimalware
Powered by advanced AI and machine learning WorkSpace Antimalware is a critical component of an efficient and effective managed Cyber Security strategy.
Automated Patch Management
Automated patch management simplifies the process of keeping operating systems and applications up to date by automating scans to check devices on your network to determine which patches each system, software, or app is missing.
Automated Device Monitoring
SmartDevice Remote Monitoring allows us to monitor, discover, and resolve IT issues like network bottlenecks, Operation System performance slowdowns, Hardware Issues. and security threats before often before you know they’re happening.
Remote Support Access
When something isn’t working right your employees can get direct support from the SkinnyOffice team. Our Remote Support software allows our technicians to quickly access your machines to assess and resolve the issue to help keep your team going.
Managed Print Services
Ensure your organization experiences the cost savings and productivity gains a managed print program can provide.


Success Stories

Ohio Collision Group Updates Legacy Network Infrastructure & IT Systems
Ohio Collision Group Updates Legacy Network Infrastructure & IT Systems
Financial Services Company Rapidly Deploys Remote Work Infrastructure
Financial Services Company Rapidly Deploys Remote Work Infrastructure
Strengthen Use Case
Strengthen Use Case
Resiliency Use Case
Resiliency Use Case
Resilience Use Story
Resilience Use Story
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Digital Work Environment.
The gateway to your workday. From anywhere. On any device.


Network as a Service.
Our all-in-one managed network, security, and support solution.


Voice over IP.
Access on-premise or off-site & mobile. Stay connected anywhere.

Device Management

Endpoint Support.
Extend support to devices used to access your WorkSpace.

Premise IT Solutions

On-Site IT Network
We'll set up and manage your office's IT network, so you can focus what's important. 

Remote Work

Working Together, Separately 
If you’re facing new challenges due to remote work, SkinnyOffice has the solutions for you.

Hybrid Work

Flexibility Anywhere
You can work anywhere, and so can SkinnyOffice. We'll be as flexible as you need.


Endless IT
Technology doesn't know borders, and neither do we. Simplify IT no matter where you go.


Help Now. WorkSpace subscriptions include unlimited user support.


Start Fast. Let us handle getting new employees’ setup in IT systems.


Protection Everywhere. End to End professionally managed Cyber security.


Total Management. Health and Security monitoring for your entire device fleet.


Complete Logistics. We handle order placement, provisioning, and direct delivery.