NAS Block Hardware

Network Attached Storage That Grows

SkinnyOffice Network Attached Storage (NAS Block) solutions are local, redundant hardware appliances that can be securely accessed on your wired or wireless network. Shares or mapped drives can be created and secured as needed (folders for users, departments, projects etc.) and with optional support for SkinnyOffice Encrypted Cloud Backup where all of your data automatically gets encrypted and then backed-up offsite.

When you acquire Storage Blocks with our Management Service, we take care of everything from installing the hardware, creating user accounts and file shares and get your desktops and laptops connected to your Storage Block effectively making us your virtual IT Department.

NAS Block Hardware
NAS Block Features
Hardware Redundancy

Each SkinnyOffice Network Attached Storage (NAS Block) solution features RAID technology, a management service to assist you with set-up of shares, security, keep the windows operating system, full antivirus, malware updated and to connect to the Skinny Office Encrypted Cloud Backup service so that your data is automatically, safely and securely stored offsite.

Pay as You Grow

As your business grows and your need for storage grows simply acquire additional storage blocks and we will increase your available storage pool so that you never need to buy capacity upfront to grow into.

Easy To Operate And Integrate

Compute Blocks run Windows Server 2012 R2 and seamlessly integrate with existing networks, desktops, and applications.

Management Service Available

Using Compute Blocks and Storage Blocks with our optional Management Service let’s you have someone else do the heaving lifting of setting up and maintaining your equipment. Our standard service covers setting up the Compute and Storage Blocks to your specifications to service your business. Including setting up Active Directory, Adding and Removing User Accounts, File Shares, and deploying System and Security updates on an ongoing basis. We can also handle setting up and maintaining other applications you need as a separate service

Data Protection Overview
Data Protection Overview

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