Lobby Management

Streamline your customer check-in experience by replacing take-a-number and clipboards with SkinnyOffice’s digital lobby & appointment management system. SkinnyOffice Lobby Management includes check-in software, online appointments, and kiosk for banks, credit unions, healthcare, vets, schools, and government.


What is Lobby Management?

SkinnyOffice Lobby Management is a powerful customer management and analysis system that will give you back control of your service lobby. It is designed for businesses that need to manage customer wait times, improve service levels, and identify trends through metrics reporting. Lobby Management queues and routes customer service requests to the appropriate departments and instantly notifies employees. Sign-in sheets reveal too much information and take-a-number tickets don’t tell employees why a customer is there. Securely captures the customer’s name, time in, visit reason, and other custom fields which is only visible to employees keeping the entire process confidential. Streamline your customer check-in experience by replacing take-a-number and clipboards.

The SkinnyOffice Difference


Wait Management

Real-time push notifications and queue display allows employees to monitor the lobby without leaving their desks and promotes awareness to reduce wait times.

Customer Privacy

A customer checks in using the kiosk, not a paper sign-in sheet. This frees up your employees and provides a secure and confidential way for customers to request assistance.

Reports & Tracking

Skinny Lobby captures critical data such as date and time in, time seen, time out, and reason for visit which allows you to analyze needs such as staffing and training.

Ready to Get Started?

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Simple Licensing

LobbyCentral’s cloud licensing is per-queue whereas on-premise is per-location. Both solutions offer unlimited users, workstations, and kiosks.


Why Use Lobby Management?



Easy to use, allowing employees to focus on providing customer service with a clean interface, employees can quickly identify who is waiting and who is being assisted.



With just a few clicks an employee can place a customer into the queue, or with optional kiosk software they can check themselves in, keeping the process confidential and secure.


Captures important details such as time in, time seen, and time completed. Through the dashboard, built in reports, and exportable data, you can analyze customer wait times, length of service, daily traffic, and more.


Real-Time Notifications

Users receive real-time notifications when customers check in, keeping staff alert and customer wait-times at a minimum. Also supports email and text message notifications for employees away from their desk.

Online Scheduling

Using the optional Appointments solution, customers can schedule an appointment from home. Integrate our appointment widget into your existing web pages with just two lines of code.

Cloud or On-Premise

Available as a cloud service with nothing to purchase, install, or maintain. Or if you prefer greater control, purchase an on-premise license and install administer on your local network.

Simple Licensing

Cloud licensing is per-queue whereas on-premise is per-location. Both solutions offer unlimited users, workstations, and kiosks. Reduces your costs and only pay for what you need.


Fully supported by SkinnyOffice. Our support staff is available to immediately rectify any problems. Email support on all plans with phone support for corporate customers.


Thermal Printer Support For Badge Printing.
Custom Fields to Gather Data During Check-In.
Optional Appointments Module for Online Scheduling.
Optional Q-Monitor Software to Display Wait List in Lobby.
Lobby Viewer Application to Allow Viewing of Current Lobby Status.
Mobile Application Allowing Employees to Check In & Out Customers.

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