Case Study: Collaborative Makerspace Upgrades Their Video Surveillance System

The Client

A Collaborative Makerspace

SkinnyOffice helped a collaborative makerspace in Columbus, OH increase operational visibility and maintain security throughout its facility, workspaces, and entry points by implementing state-of-the-art video surveillance systems into its newly renovated space. The system increases coverage and provides high-quality imagery necessary to track incidents and mitigate risks.

The Challenge

Installing a New Surveillance Infrastructure into Renovated Industrial Space

The client came to SkinnyOffice with a need for a surveillance system to monitor the usage of machines in their workspaces for security, insurance, and training purposes. For example, cameras in the wood shop would help safety monitors make sure all the machines are being used properly within guidelines and to monitor time at each station to remotely check availability from the front desk.

The project included implementing a new surveillance system that covered 60,000 square foot of workspaces, classes, offices, and outside grounds. As the makerspace has a wide variety of work stations, shared spaces, and offices the install covered a wide variety of room sizes, lighting conditions, and a lot of wiring.

The Solution

An Advanced and Integrated Video Surveillance System

After reviewing the client’s needs and facilities, we developed a solution that would include the equipment, hardware, and software that gave them the capabilities they needed.


We installed 48 cameras total on the client’s premises. They included the following:

  • 12x wide-angle dome cameras for shared office spaces.
  • 10x optical zoom outdoor bullet cameras for the building perimeter.
  • 1x 4k optical zoom outdoor camera for the main entryway.
  • 14x indoor/outdoor bullet cameras for the workshop workspaces.
  • 8x wireless micro cameras for dedicated machine monitoring.
  • 3x ceiling mounted turret cameras for lobby area.

Each camera was chosen to account for the application and environmental irregularities such as dust resistance within the workshop and infrared LEDs for low light monitoring.



Included within the secure network enclosure was an enterprise network video recorder that utilized four 8 TB drives in RAID 5 configuration with integrated NVR recording software that allows access to surveillance recordings from virtually anywhere, dedicated monitors, desktop computers, and mobile devices. This single NVR supports up to 30 days of Full HD footage from all 48 cameras in our surveillance setup.


SkinnyOffice SmartPort

We implemented a full SkinnyOffice SmartPort implementation to support the PoE and networking requirements of the hybrid PoE wired and wireless surveillance system. Housed within a secure enclosure it included gigabit ethernet, PoE switches, redundant access points, temperature/humidity monitoring, integrated ventilation, replicable filters, and battery backup.

The Results

Upgraded Local Network & Surveillance System

After the surveillance system was installed, the client gave the project high marks. Everything was integrated to work together as one system and provide high-quality imaging and extensive coverage of the premises. The client can now get a complete picture of everything that goes on at the property, able to quickly check workstation availability, and enforce safety guidelines with the remote monitoring capabilities our system provides.

The Benefit

Scalable & Secure Work From Anywhere Technology

State of the Art Equipment

The new cameras, recorders, and networking equipment function at the highest level and provide clear, crisp imaging and a secure wired and wireless networking infrastructure for the entire building.


Reduced Incidents

The surveillance system allowed the client to quickly come to the source of incidents, improve training, and acts as a deterrent to keep the property and machinery safe.

Real-Time Viewing

The client can access real-time recordings of the various workstations on the property to increase machine uptime, protect against theft, and enforce safety protocols.

With the SkinnyOffice Managed Services, we continue working with our customers to ensure they remain compliant and secure. As policies evolve, as you shift to comply with local ordinances we adapt your technologies so you can always focus on what matters most: your business. We offer free consultations and would be happy to help you achieve your IT goals.