Use Case: Control Expenses

Understand and control IT Infrastructure and Support costs with a platform that lets you pay for only what you need with the ability to add capacity as you grow
SkinnyOffice SmartPort allows Small and Medium businesses to acquire reliable IT infrastructure for a fixed Monthly cost per user that includes both equipment, installation, and ongoing support and management. A reliable and secure is the foundation of every modern business and is required to unlock the productivity gains that come from being able to transition to both Cloud and Voice and Video Collaboration Platforms.

Subscription Advantage

SmartPort subscriptions eliminate the upfront cost of purchase and installation of a state of the art IT Infrastructure solution as well on-going costs like maintenance, support, and upgrades. Costs remain controlled over the life of the solution and increase only as your need to add capacity to the solution increases. This approach allows you to avoid costly upfront investments that often result in overspending on capacity that goes unused.

Because SmartPort is delivered as a fully managed subscription; your team is freed up to concentrate their efforts on core business tasks to allow you to generate greater value for your customers and stakeholders.

Predictable Costs

Subscribers enjoy the ease in which IT Infrastructure costs remain stable and predictable over time with traditional expenses for staffing, maintenance, warranties, and replacement in the event of failure all replaced with an easy to budget for subscription.

As your business grows these costs are easy to understand and forecast providing clarity when planning for growth involving adding additional locations, renovations, or employees.