SmartPort: Increase Business Resilience

Be ready for disruption in an uncertain world with a resilient network infrastructure with redundant internet connectivity and power
The best cloud solutions are useless if employees can’t access them as a result of onsite IT Infrastructure issues like Internet Connection outages, Power Failures, Equipment Tampering, or Local Network Failures. SkinnyOffice SmartPort Managed Infrastructure is a subscription based Managed Infrastructure solution to help reduce these types of issues.

SkinnyOffice SmartPort Managed IT Infrastructure increases the resiliency of your operations to help navigate disruption and uncertainty in today’s business environment. Protected inside of our locking SmartRack network enclosures SkinnyOffice SmartPort Managed Infrastructures offer Power Redundancy, Battery Backup, Redundant Internet Connection options, and Network Security all in one turnkey managed solution

SmartRack Enclosures

SmartRack network cabinets leveraged from our Partnership with American Power Conversion are the foundational building block of the SmartPort solution that serves as a central point to terminate network cabling and house the SmartPort Network Controller, Network Swtich, and Battery Backup. These locking cabinets that can be either mounted on a wall or used free standing on casters secure SmartPort equipment from tampering or accidental disconnection.

Integrated air filtration and ventilation provide clean airflow to keep equipment running at safe temperatures; even in environments with poor air quality due to operational sources or environmental factors arising from smoke, ash, or dust storms.

Integrated Temperature and Humidity monitoring inside the SmartRack alert the SkinnyOffice support team if environmental conditions at your facility have become unsuitable for the reliable operation of your SmartPort solution.

Power Protection

SmartPort solutions offer integrated power protection capabilities and options to protect your SmartPort solution from damage and outages due to power issues created from spikes, surges, sags, and outages.

Each SmartRack includes a Battery Backup Unit offering a minimum of 20 minutes of runtime (or more depending on load) the onboard UPS unit protects equipment from power spikes as well as outages. Because SmartPort Wireless Access Points, Wireless Backup Internet Connection and Phones are powered from the integrated Network Switch these devices can remained powered on the battery backup during a power outage.

With our network consolidated in SmartRack enclosures businesses needing additional power protection from onsite backup generation have a simpler more cost effective path to implementation as a result of all critical network infrastructure being centralized with battery power needed to carry the equipment until transfer to emergency power is complete already in place.

Redundant Internet Options

SmartPort Network controllers can accommodate redundant Internet Connections using either a customer provided onsite wired connection or a SkinnyOffice provided Wireless LTE connection with the Network Controller able to detect if the primary connection has failed and automatically perform the transfer over to the backup connection.

SkinnyOffice Wireless Backup connectivity offers a cost effective backup internet option using a an LTE Wireless Connection. Using a Wireless Connection provides protection against ISP failures that are a result of damaged to a wired connection due to construction or weather events allow critical business functions to continue. Service plans offer “Pay as you Go” service letting you only pay for the bandwidth you’ve used during the time that your primary ISP connection was unavailable making it a cost effective alternative to a second wired connection.

Network Defense

SmartPort Networks include built in Cyber Security Protections to protect against outages and failures of Onsite IT Infrastructure that are a result of Cyber Security threats.

Our Threat Defense starts with ongoing analysis and blocking of requests from your SmartPort Network to Internet resources that are being used to spread Ransomware, Phishing, and other scams. This stops threats before they ever reach your Network.

Additionally Network Traffic traveling through the Network Controller is scanned for Cyber threats and the appliance can filter traffic using GeoIP Filtering GeoIP filtering allows you to block traffic designated by country as well as Reputation Filtering using data on Internet Hosts that identifies if they are known to be part of ongoing Cyber Attacks.


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