SmartPort: Strengthen Security

The SmartPort Network Controller Network supports both Network and Physical security capabilities able to help your adopt a cost effective approach to reducing risk
43% of all Cyber Attacks now target Small Businesses, with an average cost of a successful attack costing $200,000 on average. Traditional approaches to security that rely on only on having a Firewall and Antivirus software on office PCs and Networks are no longer sufficient.

SMBs concerned about growing security threats to their business can leverage the SkinnyOffice SmartPort platform to increase their defenses against both Cyber Security and Physical Security Threats allowing you to adopt a holistic layered approach to Security that rises to meet both today and tomorrow’s security threats.

Network Threat Management:

SmartPort Networks include built in Cyber Security Protections to protect against threats to your Onsite IT Infrastructure such as Ransomware, Phishing, and Malware that can cause large financial losses and pose risks to the reputation of your business.

SmartPort blocks Security Threats using a multi-layered approach to defense with protections at the DNS layer, on the network, and on the machines running on your network.

EndPoint Threat Management

SmartPort EndPoint Management plans protect and manage the desktops, laptops, and mobile devices on your SmartPort Network to ensure each device is protected from Cyber Threats and is ready for use and free from hardware and application failures; to keep your company secure and your employee’s productive.

Devices covered under our EndPoint Management Service run security and management software agents that perform threat prevention, patch management, monitoring, and remote support tasks.

DNS Layer Defense

SmartPort Threat Defense starts with ongoing analysis and blocking of requests using Domain Name lookups from your network to Internet resources that are being used to spread Ransomware, Phishing, and other scams. Additionally this system can also allow content based filtering of Internet access to block employees from accessing pornography or other content categories that are not permitted by your security and HR policies.

Threat Prevention

Advanced Threat Detection and Prevention software blocks attacks by detecting attacks using a combination of technologies including using machine learning to identify threats and suspicious behavior.

Network Threat Defense

SmartPort network threat management features allow the SkinnyOffice support team to customize levels of security to meet your risk, regulatory and operational requirements for defense against viruses and malware, secure Point-to-Point (PtP) connections, and thwart hacking attempts, threats internet traffic, and your website’s reputation.

Patch Management

Ongoing Patch Management helps protect your IT assets from compromise due to vulnerabilities in installed applications. Our patch management program automates deployment of patches for Windows, Office, and other commonly installed applications such as Adobe Acrobat and Java.

Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance capabilities can be easily added to SkinnyOffice SmartPort deployments using the accessory slot in the SmartRack cabinet to add a video storage unit that can be combined with up to 15 SmartPort network cameras per site recording at 4K resolution. Recordings can be quickly and easily accessed from inside a Web Browser or using a Mobile App for offsite, around the clock access to live and historical video from anywhere. SmartPort helps to help protect your business from losses resulting from theft, vandalism or personal injury claims.

A range of network cameras are available to accommodate a wide variety of installation and coverage scenarios with both indoor and outdoor coverage with Infrared Illumination allowing video capture to occur in all weather and light conditions. Available camera housings include Bullet, Dome, Turret, and Doorbell with all form factors able to record in at least 1080p quality HD video.

Remote Monitoring and Support

Our remote monitoring and support service monitors the devices connected to the SmartPort Network for hardware and operating systems failures and allows our support team to quickly resolve device issues remotely.


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