Engage and Supercharge Employees

SkinnyOffice WorkSpace unlocks your company’s greatest assets to do their best work.
SkinnyOffice WorkSpace unlocks your company’s greatest asset to do their best work. With a single Dashboard Employees see a heads up view of their day and can seamlessly can search and manage Files, Windows Applications, SaaS Applications, Web Bookmarks, and see the day’s tasks and events.

To support modern mobility requirements of distributed workforces WorkSpace delivers seamless and secure Remote File access and sharing capabilities, and Cross Device access for Voice and IM applications Included print features to support Modern Mobility requirements and “Work from Anywhere” scenarios let employees print documents at the office from mobile devices and the web.

WorkSpace Launchpad

The WorkSpace Launchpad is the gateway to your workday. Users are presented with a dashboard that allows them to launch applications, websites, and SaaS applications from tiles that can be arranged to match each user’s preferences. The Launchpad’s Unified Search capability searches user and company files, applications, and Web Links to insure users find what they’re looking for every time reduce the amount of time wasted searching thru multiple locations to find needed information.

The “Today” section of the LaunchPad delivers a snapshot of the day ahead combining that day’s Calendar items, Company Announcements, and tasks assigned from automated Workflows in a single actionable place to get each day started on the right foot.

Print Freedom

WorkSpace Mobility Print lets you print from both inside and outside of your WorkSpace from Chromebooks, iPads, iPhones, Macs, Windows, and Android devices in a cinch. It’s compatible with every printer brand; setting it up is simple for even the most novice user.

WorkSpace helps you control and understand printing costs with reports that track how much each user is printing to each printer on your network and what the cost of that print output is to help you develop actionable plans to reduce printing costs and increase productivity. Adding SkinnyOffice Managed Print Services to your WorkSpace subscription allows us to use your print usage reporting to tailor a Print Management plan that provides reliable maintenance and consumable replenishment for your onsite printers.

Go Paperless

Even better than printing from anywhere is not having to print at all. WorkSpace File Management tools allow for documents to be captured electronically or scanned using integrated scanning capabilities from a desktop scanner or mobile app for storage into your Digital Filing cabinet. Documents can be organized with both tags and full indexes that allow records to be organized using business data such as account number, company name, or invoice details to seamlessly integrate with any business process.

Files Managed inside WorkSpace can be securely shared or sent out for Electronic Signing to recipients both inside and outside of your organization; helping to organize and control business processes without the disorganization, security issues and difficulty in finding documents that collaborating via email creates. Letting you reduce the time, waste, and frustration created by legacy processes.

Hassle Free Voice and Collaboration

SkinnyOffice WorkSpace users harness high-quality video and voice conferencing and collaboration through their web browser. Participants can seamlessly join meetings without the need to download additional software or apps, enabling a better user experience for your partners, customers and employees. WorkSpace web conferencing has all the features to hold a one-on-one person meeting, a sales presentation, a team meeting, a webinar or even an online classroom. Users can make and receive calls and IMs from their Web Browser, Mobile App, or an included Voice over IP handset.

Microsoft Exchange based Email and Electronic Fax capabilities allow your team to receive Email, Voicemail, and Fax messages all in one Inbox; accessible from Microsoft Outlook inside your Digital WorkSpace or on your favorite mobile device if you are outside the office.

Microsoft Office Included

Each WorkSpace subscription includes Microsoft Office with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook all installed giving your users uniform access to the world’s leading productivity suite. No more mismatched versions or missing programs between users.

Using Outlook with included email and calendaring capabilities let’s your team share Calendars, Maintain Email Distribution lists and Contact directories with each other so everyone stays on the same page.


Digital Work Envroment.
The gateway to your workday. From anywhere. On any device.


Network as a Service.
Our all-in-one managed network, security, and support solution.


Voice over IP.
Access on-premise or off-site & mobile. Stay connected anywhere.

Smart Device

Endpoint Support.
Extend support to devices used to access your WorkSpace.

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