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Adopt a holistic approach to securing your business.
43% of all Cyber Attacks now target Small Businesses, with an average cost of a successful attack costing $200,000 on average. With employees now splitting time between the office, home, or other locations traditional approaches to security that rely on having a Firewall and Antivirus software on office PCs and Networks is no longer sufficient.

SkinnyOffice WorkSpace plans offer a layered approach to Security that combines both Technology and Services allowing you to adopt a plan that matches your Company’s Risk and Regulatory Requirements allowing you to rise to meet those challenges without having to stand alone solutions and invest in Technology Staff and Security Training.

Zero Trust Based Security

WorkSpace subscribers can adopt a Zero Trust Based approach to IT Security. A Zero Trust methodology means that no user accessing the computing environment from either Outside or Inside the Network is trusted and must be verified before accessing any resources on the network.

This is accomplished in large part thru the use of authentication controls for your Company’s WorkSpace that require Multi Factor Authentication for access. This Zero Trust approach is extended out beyond your WorkSpace to the devices being used to access it. With controls to assess the security of company or employee owned devices accessing your WorkSpace and grant or blocking access based upon factors such as Device Type, Location, Operating System Version and current

Integrated Password Management

A Password Manager can help improve your employee’s productivity and in addition to making your company more secure. Weak passwords or passwords not changed after the compromise of a Web Service or at a Business Partner are responsible for a large number of compromised accounts each year and attackers will commonly use compromised passwords on one service to try and guess your credentials to attack another service or application.

Using the WorkSpace password manager allows you to more easily use unique passwords for different websites, securely share passwords between users for shared accounts, and search against databases of compromised accounts to ensure you aren’t using credentials that have been compromised somewhere on the Internet

Don’t Go Alone

Security is a continuous process that requires ongoing maintenance, review and adaptation to evolve as both threats change and your business grows and evolves. 

As a fully managed Digital WorkSpace the SkinnyOffice team will engage with you during both the Sales and the Implementation process to make recommendations on an appropriate subscription plan and how we’ll setup the included security controls based on your Company’s Risk Management and Compliance requirements. Following implementation we’ll take care of the maintenance and monitoring of the security program and check in with your team periodically to review the program and learn about any changes to your operations that could impact your overall security posture 

Compliance Ready

A WorkSpace Security program is ready to be implemented in compliance-driven industries to help you meet regulatory or industry-driven security standards. 

Access to WorkSpace, Files, and Applications can be controlled by job role, group or individual. When Using our Zero Trust capabilities compliance controls can be extended beyond your Digital WorkSpace, to client devices preventing users from accessing company data from personal or insecure devices as well as preventing data from being moved to external devices via copying to USB ports or copying and pasting.  

With our included Management Service we’ll engage with you on an ongoing basis to help you tackle today’s and tomorrow’s compliance challenges. 

Stop Threats

WorkSpace blocks Security Threats using a multi-layered approach to defense with protections at the DNS layer, on the network, and on the machines running in your WorkSpace.

Our Threat Defense starts with ongoing analysis and blocking of requests from your WorkSpace to Internet resources that are being used to spread Ransomware, Phishing, and other scams. This stops threats before they ever reach your WorkSpace. At the perimeter of your WorkSpace high-performance Application-Aware firewall analyzes traffic in real-time and is able to block connections that contain malicious payloads, are from hosts with a reputation from being involved in cyber attackers, or are from areas of the world that you don’t conduct business in. 

On your WorkSpace host machines Advanced Threat Detection and Prevention software blocks attacks by detecting attacks using a combination of technologies including using machine learning to identify threats and suspicious behavior.

Content Security

Our Integrated File and Content Management suite helps your organization securely store and manage your vital digital records while providing secure access for collaboration with others inside and outside of your organization when needed.

WorkSpace keeps content secure by allowing users to set granular security permissions on individual files or entire types and sets of records. While maintaining a complete audit log of all activities performed on managed files. If malicious or accidental changes are discovered to have been made to files integrated version controls allow for the changes to be reverted back to a previous version.  

Included secure file sharing capabilities make it easy to share files with recipients outside of your organization that are either too large or too sensitive to be safely sent via email. Share files and folders can be protected from unauthorized disclosure by setting passwords and expiration times for the shared content.


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