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Video Surveillance Hardware
Video Surveillance Features
Multi User/Multi Site

Expand across different networks with any number of devices and manage them under a single user interface. Skinny Office Video allows you to grant access rights and restrictions to different users or user groups for your cameras and camera functionality.

High Definition Video

Get high-quality / low-latency video with up to 1080p* support. View live feeds in a single or customizable, multi-camera format.

* 1080p / 720p support depends on the model of camera installed.

Motion Detection

Zones can be defined to detect motion in important areas while ignoring less important areas. Cameras can also be set to record only when motion is detected allowing for efficient use of recording space.

Configurable Live Views

Live View playlists can be created with a configurable live camera feed rotation. Define the cameras you want included in the playlist and how long you want them to appear on the screen before moving on to the next live feed.


View Video Inside or Outside The Office On Virtually Any Device via Web Browser or Native iOSos & Android Apps.

Compute And Storage Block Integration


Skinny Office Compute and Storage Block appliances are designed to support video surveillance applications by providing cost effective redundant cost effective storage that can easily be increased as the demand to store additional video grows as cameras are added or video retention requirements grow allowing business to acquire storage capacity as the need arise instead of making costly upfront investments.

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