SkinnyOffice SmartPort

Unify your Digital WorkSpace to your Physical WorkSpaces with SkinnyOffice SmartPort managed infrastructure for integrated Connectivity, Security, Cooling and Redundant Power.


What is SmartPort?

SkinnyOffice SmartPort is a subscription based managed IT Network and Endpoint infrastructure solution for Small and Medium business that delivers turnkey managed Wired and Wireless Network, Network Security, Managed Endpoints, and options for Internet connection redundancy and Video Surveillance


Why SmartPort?

To adapt to new work challenges such as Hybrid Work, Cloud Services Adoption, and potential disruption from disasters and Cyber Security incidents. Small Companies need a Technology Services solutions able to deliver consistent, reliable, Cloud First network experiences that are delivered fully turnkey; with all hardware, management, and monitoring included in one easy to manage subscription. and Data access, Integrated Productivity Tools, Security along with full implementation, support, and management services under one subscription. SmartPort Networks help protect your business from costly downtime do to Cyber Attacks, poor WiFi performance, Internet, and Power Outages.


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What is Included?

Wired Network
Gigabit Ethernet
High-Speed Layer 2
(Layer 3 switching available on Endurance Plans)
Power over Ethernet
802.3at Standard
802.3at PoE++ available on Endurance Plans
Wireless Network
Access Points
Redundant 802.11AC Access Points with a range of up to 400 feet (Depending on site and RF conditions)
Guest Access Portal & Network
Facility Guests can access Wireless from a separate network from private internal networks with options to limit bandwidth and force login and usage limitations.
Dual Band Support
2.4 GHz Band with Speeds of up to 450 Mbps (Standard Plan) 2.4 GHz Band with Radio Rate of 800 Mbps (Endurance Plan) 5 GHz Band with Speeds of up to 1300 Mbps (Standard Plan) 5 GHz Band with Radio Rate of up to 1.7 Gbps (Endurance Plans).
Wireless Intrusion Prevention
Notify users when watched files or folders are changed. Receive alerts when changes need to be approved.
Network Controller & Security
Advanced Firewall
High performance Firewall to protect your network from unwanted traffic from the Internet.
Network Intrusion Prevention System

SmartPort Network Intrusion Prevention capabilities provide comprehensive protection from network-based Malware, Ransomware, other Cyber Security threats.

DNS Layer Threat Filtering
By enforcing security at the DNS layer, SmartPort blocks requests to malware, ransomware, phishing, and botnets before a connection is even established to the attacker.
Geo-IP Filtering
Block traffic attempting to enter your network using source and destination country to provide additional protection from attackers in countries that your company doesn’t conduct business in.
IP Reputation Filtering
Block traffic attempting to enter your network using reputation information on the source address to filter connections from known malicious hosts and networks sending spam and running botnets.
Equipment Enclosure
Temperature & Humidity Monitoring
Ongoing monitoring of Temperature and Humidity inside the SmartPort enclosure to help protect equipment from environmental failure.
Integrated Ventilation
(2) 220 CFM fans to remove hot air from inside the enclosure to help protect equipment from environmental failure.
Replaceable Air Filters
MERV 5 Filter to mitigate the impact of dust and dirt on SmartPort equipment in a range of environments.
Wall Mount or Free Standing
SmartPort Enclosure can be mounted on a Wall or Stand Freely on Casters.
Battery Backup
Integrated battery backup offing 20 Mins of Runtime at Full PoE Load.


Plan Overview

Additional features available in advanced plans or as optional add-on services.

 SmartPort StandardSmartPort Endurance
Wired Network
Gigabit EthernetIncludedIncluded
Layer2 SwitchingIncludedIncluded
802.3at PoEIncludedIncluded
Redundant Power SupplyIncluded
802.3bt PoE+9+Included
Layer3 SwitchingIncluded
Wireless Network
Redundant 802.11AC Access Points IncludedIncluded
Guest Access PortalIncludedIncluded
Limit Guest Bandwidth UseageIncludedIncluded
Use Time and Use based Vouchers for Guest AccessIncludedIncluded
2.4 GHz Band with Speeds of up to 450 Mbps IncludedIncluded
5 GHz Band with Speeds of up to 1300 Mbps IncludedIncluded
2.4 GHz Band with Radio Rate of 800 Mbps Included
5 GHz Band with Radio Rate of up to 1700 MbpsIncluded
Wireless Intrusion Prevention SystemIncluded
Network Security
Advanced FirewallIncludedIncluded
Network Intrusion Prevention SystemIncludedIncluded
Redundant Wired Internet Connection SupportIncludedIncluded
Redundant LTE Inetnet Connection (Requires Data Plan available separately)Included
DNS Layer Threat FilteringIncluded
Geo-IP FilteringIncluded
IP Reputation FilteringIncluded
Redundant Power SupplyIncluded
Equipment Enclosure
Battery Backup w/ 20 minute runtimeIncludedIncluded
Integrated VentilationIncludedIncluded
Locking DoorsIncludedIncluded
Replaceable Air FiltersIncludedIncluded
Wall MountableIncludedIncluded
Open Enclosure Option Slot21
Integrated Temperature and Humidity MonitoringIncluded
EndPoint Management
Managed AntiMalwareOptionalOptional
Operating System and Application PatchingOptionalOptional
Computer desktops and Server Maintenance and RepairOptionalOptional


Digital Work Envroment.
The gateway to your workday. From anywhere. On any device.


Network as a Service.
Our all-in-one managed network, security, and support solution.


Voice over IP.
Access on-premise or off-site & mobile. Stay connected anywhere.

Smart Device

Endpoint Support.
Extend support to devices used to access your WorkSpace.

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