SkinnyOffice WorkSpace

More than just a virtual desktop SkinnyOffice WorkSpace is scale-able, superior, option to other vendor’s “one size fits all” cloud desktop offerings. WorkSpace combines a number of SkinnyOffice services in one convenient and fully supported package.


What is WorkSpace?

SkinnyOffice WorkSpace allows Small and Medium Sized business to meet these new workplace challenges with a complete; fully managed private cloud IT infrastructure organized around Windows Virtual Desktops with Security, Communications, and Collaboration capabilities built in; ready to run alongside all of your critical business applications. All SkinnyOffice WorkSpace subscriptions are fully managed and supported by the SkinnyOffice Team allowing you to leave the IT administration burden to us.


WorkSpace is simple to use and increase productivity across your organization, for both IT and the end-user. Users access their virtual desktops from any location on any device and administrators can support and deploy desktops from a centralized location.



As is common with other cloud-based solutions, SkinnyOffice WorkSpace enables organizations to quickly and easily scale as needed, spinning up a new desktop or adding resources to multiple existing desktops with the click of a mouse.


Focusing on small and medium sized businesses SkinnyOffice WorkSpace is a fully supported solution. Let us augment your existing IT staff with our Help Desk and Managed IT services to give you that peace of mind you have been looking for.


Secure point-to-site connectivity ensures authenticated access from remote locations to the SkinnyOffice cloud. Additionally, all data within WorkSpace environments is encrypted and stored in one of SkinnyOffice’s state-of-the-art data centers.

WorkSpace Transforms the Concept of Work, and How it Gets Done.

WorkSpace combines SkinnyOffice Cloud Services, Communication Services, IT Services, & IT Security Services in one convenient and fully supported package.

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What is Included?

Standard Capabilities Included With All Plans.

Windows Virtual Desktop

Cloud hosted remote desktop environment.



Access from Almost Anywhere



Access From Any Device


Peace of Mind

Protect and Securely Store Your Information



Easy to Use and Easy to Grow

Microsoft Office Applications

Microsoft Office suite of office applications are included.


Microsoft Word

Word Processor Application Included


Microsoft Excel

Spreadsheet Application Included


Microsoft PowerPoint

Presentation Application Included


Microsoft Outlook

Email Client Included

Hosted Exchange Email

All WorkSpace subscriptions come with Microsoft Exchange mailboxes for each subscriber; providing users with robust business class email and calendaring capabilities using your company’s own domain name. No need to manage your own Exchange servers or purchase expensive security appliances. Get business class email through the cloud letting us take care of the hardware, backups, protection, and support.

Enterprise Security & Protection

Protecting the security, integrity and availability of your information.


EndPoint Protection

Protections against zero-day exploits, attacks, and inadvertent data leakage resulting from human error.


Network Protection

DNS based protection to transparently stop Internet based threats before they’ve even been able to cross into your private cloud.


User Password Self Service

Helps domain users to perform self-service password reset,account unlock, & update of personal details in Active Directory.


Secure Remote Access

Safeguards sensitive data when applications are accessed from computers outside the corporate network.

Support and Monitoring


Complete WorkSpace Support

Continuous unlimited support for all WorkSpace solution components included with each subscription.


Application Support

Installation and operation support for Business Applications installed in SkinnyOffice WorkSpace Private Cloud


Availability Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of CPU, Disk space, Memory, & Connectivity of your WorkSpace Private Cloud


Security Enforcement

Automatic security policy enforcement and management.

You're just three steps away.

1. Consult
We listen, understand the cause of your problem, then identify the best solution for your company.

2. Implement & Support
Industry-aligned teams work with you proactively to monitor and improve your technology solutions.

3. Plan for the future
Beyond support, we help you develop a plan that can be implemented today and pay dividends tomorrow.


Optional Features

Additional features available in advanced plans or as optional add-on services.

Enterprise Class Email

All WorkSpace subscriptions come with Microsoft Exchange mailboxes for each subscriber; providing users with robust business class email and calendaring capabilities using your company’s own domain name, allowing you to enjoy a professional appearance with email@your-domain addresses. Advanced capabilities include shared calendars and contact lists and the ability to send encrypted emails and attachments to external recipients.

Enterprise Instant Messaging

Skype for Business lets users conduct Instant Messaging conversations, and Web, Audio, and Video conferencing from nearly any device. Meetings and IM conversations can be scheduled and launched from inside of Microsoft Outlook with the ability for external users to join in from mobile devices and telephones.

File Storage + Share & Sync

Enterprise Class Content Sharing and Collaboration: The WorkSpace Content Collaboration app unifies your internal and external file access and sharing processes allowing you to access your files using traditional file shares or with Web and Mobile interfaces to allow secure external collaboration and editing without the need for VPN or FTP access.
WorkSpace users can leverage advanced Record Management capabilities to classify and search for their documents by name, tag, and detailed index information such as account number or address allowing for the organization of large stores of previously unmanaged data.

Cloud Phone (VoIP)

Private hosted Voice Over IP Phone system that supports both standard desk phones, cordless handsets, and “Soft Phones” able to run on Apple and Android mobile devices with features that include conferencing, dial by name directories, and” hot desking” for employees with non-dedicated office spaces

Cloud Fax (VoIP)

Send and receive electronic faxes securely from Email, Web and Multifunction Printer/Scanners.

Want More Features? We Can Help.

If the default WorkSpace plans don’t work for you, schedule a free consult with a SkinnyOffice associate and tell us how we can build the perfect WorkSpace plan for you.


Think it has to be hard? It's not.

Technology can be hard to figure out. But with SkinnyOffice's expertise, you won't have to. We'll take the headache out of IT.

Contact us to hear from a SkinnyOffice WorkSpace specalist.


If you work with SkinnyOffice, we'll manage all of your organization's devices for you. Computers, phones, tablets, and laptops will be contantly monitored, updated, and secured, so you won't have to worry.


No matter what happens, our team of IT technicians and administrators is here to help. Unexpected things can come up any time, and when ever something breaks or goes wrong with your IT, we'll get you back on your feet.

Too many goals to tackle? Not for us!

Our project teams and support teams can work simultaneously so you don't lose momentum.

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Digital Work Environment.
The gateway to your workday. From anywhere. On any device.


Network as a Service.
Our all-in-one managed network, security, and support solution.


Voice over IP.
Access on-premise or off-site & mobile. Stay connected anywhere.

Device Management

Endpoint Support.
Extend support to devices used to access your WorkSpace.

Premise IT Solutions

On-Site IT Network
We'll set up and manage your office's IT network, so you can focus what's important. 

Remote Work

Working Together, Separately 
If you’re facing new challenges due to remote work, SkinnyOffice has the solutions for you.

Hybrid Work

Flexibility Anywhere
You can work anywhere, and so can SkinnyOffice. We'll be as flexible as you need.


Endless IT
Technology doesn't know borders, and neither do we. Simplify IT no matter where you go.


Help Now. WorkSpace subscriptions include unlimited user support.


Start Fast. Let us handle getting new employees’ setup in IT systems.


Protection Everywhere. End to End professionally managed Cyber security.


Total Management. Health and Security monitoring for your entire device fleet.


Complete Logistics. We handle order placement, provisioning, and direct delivery.