Web Development

Let SkinnyOffice breathe vitality into your online presence, whether it be revamping your old website or launching one for the first time. We are your consultants, designers, and developers all-in-one. We offer comprehensive service that takes you seamlessly from strategy to post-launch, with specialists there to walk you every step of the way.


What is Web Development?

Web Development is a collection of web presence related software and development services including e-commerce, search engine optimization, web analytics, social integration, and web hosting on the SkinnyOffice Cloud. We offer a variety of development and billing options and are willing to work with you to build your ideal web presence. From full-stack custom development to semi-custom solutions that leverage existing technology, SkinnyOffice will work with you to help fill your needs, requirements, and budget.

The SkinnyOffice Difference

Your Needs

To help you develop an effective online presence, we need to understand what your business or organization does, what is your unique value proposition, who are your customers, who are your competitors, and what your online goals are. Whatever your goals, for projects large or small – we have everything you need for online success.

Your Requirements

A lot of people are initially unsure about exactly what they need on their website. By identifying some clear goals we can help you define the design, features, and focus of your new website to enable you to be successful online. We have have over 10 years of website building experience, we know how to help you achieve your goals.

Your Budget

Websites can range from the hundreds to many thousands of dollars, but no matter the budget SkinnyOffice can build an effective, professional website to fit both your needs. From full custom to leveraging existing technologies, we will work with you to find just the right solution for you, at a price that you can afford.

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Contact a SkinnyOffice associate and let us know how our services can help your business.

We focus on quality and cost-effective web solutions.

We offer a variety of development & hosting plans that including managed services with continued support and no upfront costs.

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Why Use Web Development?


At SkinnyOffice we approach each project from all sides, considering your goals, your brand, the competition, target audiences, and your information architecture. We help prepare you to succeed even before your website is operational.

Our job is to make sure your website is built off of a solid foundation, with every aspect in line with your objectives.

The planning phase defines each major task, estimates the time, and resources required for the project, and provides a framework for SkinnyOffice to review and control it. The project planning actives and goals include defining: The goals of the project, work to be done, estimates involved, and commitments required to complete the project.


At this point, we have a clear idea of the purpose of the site, the content that will comprise the site, the site architecture and the elements that need to be on each page. Every design detail is carefully considered to find the optimal balance of aesthetics and usability.

Each website is designed to engage your visitors while accomplishing the ultimate goal: boosting conversions.

Drawing on our knowledge of design principles (balance, rhythm, proportion, and dominance), design elements (point, line, shape, color, typography) and user centered design (usability), we can develop design options that meet the project goals outlined in the planning phase.


The development process involves, building templates using the latest in web standards (CSS, HTML), creating the pages (including content, pictures, and text), and code dynamic features of the site such as: search, personalization. login, secure transactions, and web analytics.

All our websites also boast easy-to-use content management systems that allow you to easily update your website (or have us do it for you).

E-commerce solutions, mobile compatibility, responsive design, our developers are up to date on the latest of web standards and are here to build you a modern website competitive with any web rival.


Here at SkinnyOffice we want to make sure that your website continues to operate with perfection for the long haul. We will setup a plan that will keep your new masterpiece running smoothly.

Be it a paid maintenance service package or training for your own staff to do it yourself SkinnyOffice aims to deliver more than a simple website, but lasting success for your business online and off.



We use open-source CMS (Content Management Systems) and include all the training and documentation necessary so you can easily maintain your website. Optionally, we offer managed solutions with continued support/



With more than 50% of web traffic now coming from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets we make sure all the websites we develop are responsive and scale properly, no matter the device that’s viewing it.


Be it hosted solutions like Shopify & BigCommerce, self-hosted solutions like Magento, or OpenCart, we have experience using a variety of carts and can help you find the right solution to bring your idea to market.

Social Integration

Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ we can make your website social. Reach out to your audience with varying levels of integration from automatically syndicated content to content that works with your existing marketing.


Reliability in uptime and and administration. Guaranteed 99.9% uptime and stability. Deploy and manage across your company with peace of mind.



All SkinnyOffice websites are designed with security in mind. Secure HTTPS protocol and Comodo SSL certificates are included with every SkinnyOffice hosting account.

Web Analytics

Market smarter, not harder. Gauge your customer interaction and track your marketing efforts. Gain powerful insight into your audience using analytics to have real-time, performance based metrics on your site.


Fully supported by SkinnyOffice. Our support staff is available to immediately rectify any problems. Optionally use SkinyOffice management service for all inclusive updates, development, and support.


Mobile-Ready Design for Tablets & Phones
Search Engine Optimization Included Standard
Advanced Analytics & Marketing Service Available
Modern Standards – HTML5, CSS3, AJAX or Bootstrap
Web Commerce Developent – Hosted & Self-Hosted Options

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