SkinnyOffice WorkSpace

SkinnyOffice WorkSpace is a fully integrated Digital WorkSpace for Small and Medium Businesses that delivers desktops, collaboration, productivity, and security fully supported and managed with one subscription.


What is WorkSpace?

SkinnyOffice WorkSpace allows Small and Medium Sized business to rise meet new workplace challenges with a complete; fully managed Digital Workspace organized around unified access to a Windows Virtual Desktop, File and Process Management, Unified Communications, and Collaboration all ready to run alongside all of your critical business applications. All SkinnyOffice WorkSpace subscriptions are fully managed and supported by the SkinnyOffice Team allowing you to leave the IT administration burden to us.


As Flexible As You Need

We understand that your business needs to be flexible to compete, so we’ve designed WorkSpace to be as flexible as you need it to be. That’s why we offer two different packages: so you can have the solution that works best for you.



WorkSpace is SkinnyOffice’s flagship digital workspace solution. A complete managed bundle of all your business IT needs, WorkSpace is a hands-off solution that allows you to focus on what matters. Featuring integrated security features, unified communications, file management, task collaboration, mobile printing, and so much more, WorkSpace will make your team more productive and give you an edge on your competition.


WorkSpace Flex

Combining all the productivity and security features of the standard WorkSpace package with a cloud-based virtual desktop environment, your business can go anywhere with WorkSpace Flex. Responding to new industry needs for remote work, WorkSpace Flex’s virtual desktop allows users to share one desktop over multiple devices. Whether you’re on a laptop, a home computer, or an office PC, you can access the same computer desktop with WorkSpace Flex. WorkSpace Flex can also run essential legacy applications, saving you from costly upgrades or transfers.


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What is Included?

Productivity Features
Windows Virtual Desktop
Enable a secure, remote desktop experience from anywhere. Access Windows 10 desktop and applications from anywhere, on any device.
Microsoft Office
Microsoft Office suite of office productivity applications are included. Includes: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Outlook.
Exchange Calendars & Contacts
Collaborate with Exchange. Share and sync your organization’s calendars and contacts. Create task lists for yourself or to assign to others.
Instant Messaging
Keep you connected anywhere from any device. Send instant messages to contacts inside and outside your organization.
Remote Print for Mobile/Web

WorkSpace Mobility Print features let you print from anywhere to local and offsite printers.

Printer Usage Reporting

Get full print visibility that unlocks in-depth insights and stats — even how many trees you’ve saved.

Content Management Features
Digital Filing Cabinet
Create a digital file cabinet or document portal to share specific information, folder, or document type with a group of users.
Internal & External File Sharing
Send a secure link for large files, with access controls, and the confidence your file will never get rejected like attachments.
Granular Permissions
Restrict access to files, folders, or document types based on an individual user or by user-group. Fine control over who can access what.
Alerts and Notifications
Notify users when watched files or folders are changed. Receive alerts when changes need to be approved.
Full Text Search
Search not only document names and folders but the entire text of a document. Never lose a file again with our discoverability tools.
File Versioning
File Versioning lets you go back in time and see all previous versions of a file. Can be used to restore files encrypted by ransomware.
Comments & Annotations
Enable conversations around files by leaving virtual post-it notes for other logged-in users by means of comments and annotations.
File Tags & Metadata
Automatically use existing metadata. Search, categorize, and manage data based on the already embedded in your files.
Mobile Scanning
Our mobile app allows your team to capture from a phone or tablet and securely submit documents into the workflow.
File Retention Schedules
Automate your business’s document lifecycle. Assure your critical information is kept updated and ensure your retention policies are enforced.
Security Features and Services
Managed AntiMalware

Powered by advanced AI and machine learning WorkSpace Antimalware is a critical component of an efficient and effective managed Cyber Security strategy.

Managed Firewall

SkinnyOffice WorkSpace provides complete network protection with managed firewalls and a secure web gateway that keeps your data safe from malware, ransomware, phishing, access to unauthorized cloud applications, and other Internet risks – regardless of where your users are located. 

Password Manager

Each user gains access to a Secure Enterprise Password Manager integrated with their shared identity to enable seamless single-sign-on, making it easy for users to improve companywide security practices.

Multifactor Authentication
Optional two-factor authentication verifies identity either via email, text message, or authentication app.
Employee Access Control
Restrict access to files, folders, or document types based on an individual user or by user-group. Fine control over who can access what.
SSO to Cloud Apps

Single Sign-on (SSO) capabilities powered by Cisco Duo provide users with an easy and consistent login experience for cloud-based applications.

Client Device Security Health Monitoring

Ongoing Device Management insures protected devices have Antimalware software running, and receiving security patches and that Operating Systems and Hardware remain in good working order. *Included with all WorkSpace Thin Clients! Requires SmartDevice subscription if using other client devices. 

Managed Intrusion Prevention

WorkSpace Intrusion Prevention Services provide comprehensive protection from Malware, Ransomware, Zero Days, Denial of Service, and other types of attacks.

Log Collection and Monitoring

Improve security posture and support compliance with ongoing collection and monitoring of Security Logs from devices in your WorkSpace environment.

Real-time Scanning of Network Traffic
Scan network traffic to actively block malicious activity and track the progression of suspect files and malware across the network.
Business Process Services and Microapps
WorkSpace LaunchPad

The WorkSpace Launchpad is the gateway to your workday putting access to all of your applications, tasks, and content on a single, personalized dashboard to increase productivity and improve the employee experience.

Virtual Mail Scanning

Scan your organizations mail when hardcopy is delivered and users simply login and see the digital image in their workspace (no more paper) .

WorkSpace Hubs
Configurable Work Hubs provide configurable spaces to connect around Projects, Departments, or Customers using shared Calendars, Task Lists, Forms, Chat, and Notes letting you know where everything is and what everyone is working on Process Automation allows actions to be automatically taken when events occur in your WorkSpace to allow repetitive business processes to run automatically freeing your team up to work on higher value tasks and responsibilities.
Web Forms

Web Forms links may be placed on public or private websites, embedded in emails or documents. Recipients simply click fill-in the form and you get a complete record back.

Electronic Signatures
A compliant, legally binding, document signing system that makes it easy to send, track, and electronically sign documents.
Approval Workflow

Enable 1 or more users to review a business record (pdf, jpg, .doc) and either Approve or Reject it to move it along in the process or push back for rework.

Task Management
Create shared Task Lists and assign to team members to track progress on projects
Create custom Web Form Microapps to collect information or create business processes such as filing expense reports or requesting time off
Create shared notes in WorkSpace Hubs. Create from a blank document or start from provided and user defined templates for common tasks such as meeting notes, project trackers, and Brainstorming.
Built in Calendars allows teams to stay in sync on projects and events. WorkSpace Calendars allow for fast creation of Calendar events with syncing to Outlook available to seamlessly integrate with your existing processes
Activity Stream
Hub activity streams aggregate all changes across a WorkSpace Hub as Documents, Tasks, Calendar, and Contact Lists are updated giving users an easy way to keep up to date on all the activity taking place in their WorkSpace


Plan Overview

Additional features available in advanced plans or as optional add-on services.

WorkSpace WorkSpace Flex
Productivity Features
Cloud Windows DesktopNot IncludedIncluded
Microsoft OutlookIncludedIncluded
Microsoft WordIncludedIncluded
Microsoft ExcelIncludedIncluded
Microsoft PowerPointIncludedIncluded
Microsoft Exchange Email/CalendarIncludedIncluded
Instant MessagingIncludedIncluded
Remote Print from Web and MobileIncludedIncluded
Printer Usage ReportingIncludedIncluded
Content Management Features
Digital Filing CabinetIncludedIncluded
Internal and External File SharingIncludedIncluded
Granular PermissionsIncludedIncluded
Alerts and NotificationsIncludedIncluded
Full Text SearchIncludedIncluded
File VersioningIncludedIncluded
File TagsIncludedIncluded
Mobile ScanningIncludedIncluded
File Retention SchedulesIncludedIncluded
Office Document Web EditorIncludedIncluded
Standard Security Features
Managed Anti-MalwareIncludedIncluded
DNS Layer SecurityIncludedIncluded
Password MangerIncludedIncluded
Control Employee Access to Website based on content categories IncludedIncluded
Multifactor AuthenticationOptionalIncluded
Enhanced Security Features and Services
Multifactor Authentication with Hardware TokenTokens Optional
Managed Intrusion Prevention SystemIncluded
Single Sign On to Cloud AppsIncluded
Monitor Security Health of Client DevicesIncluded
Block WorkSpace Access based on GeographyIncluded
Security Log Collection and MonitoringIncluded
Real-time Blocking of Network Traffic from Known Compromised HostsIncluded
Real-time Scanning of Network Traffic for MalwareIncluded
Ongoing Risk Rating Reports of WorkSpace Included
Firewall MonitoringIncluded
Account Security MonitoringIncluded
Managed Security Program (Compliance Support, Security Policy and Procedures Development)Included
Business Process Services and Microapps
WorkSpace LaunchPadIncludedIncluded
Virtal Mail ScanningOptionalOptional
Managed Print Services for Printer ConsumablesOptionalOptional
Web FormsIncludedIncluded
Electronic SignaturesIncludedIncluded


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Total Management. Health and Security monitoring for your entire device fleet.


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